Letter to SWAT Kats Artists, Animators and Talent

The following is an invitation from Mitchell Self, head of Ye Olde Gorilla Studios, a new interactive game and media studio.

We need Your help


We are a new Interactive media/game studio called Ye Olde Gorilla Studios. If you've ever heard the phrase "Infant Phase", we would be in the "fetus stage" to put things bluntly.

For any great ideas to come to light, we need the right team. Having said that, we're looking for help. We need Your help. We are looking for people that have drive, desire and passion for games. We're developing a game that is based directly on the Swat Kat series. More details will come if you're interested!

We are looking for:

…just to name a few!

Animatic Test

This is a early animatic test of a game we are currently working on in conjunction with Tremblay Bros studios Swat Kats Revolutions. Artwork is by Ross Schnider. Voice work is by TJ Anthony, Heather Anthony, Popi. Script writing, editing: Mitch Self.

Frequently Asked Questions

We helped the Tremblay Bros. during their initial SWAT Kats Revolution Kickstarter Campaign promotion efforts.

Updated July 1, 2018

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    Thanks for your time!

    YOGSIf you aren't able to help, that's super okay, but if you could please pass the word on as word of mouth helps just as much as any newspaper.